Folding Study Table

Folding Furniture is now a days mostly searched customer’s requirement. Space is the biggest constraint all over the world and we at Krini Furniture continuously work to improve the designs considering the Factor “Space”. We are not only in space saving furniture, going beyond we can say we are manufacturing “Space Efficient Furniture”.

The major advantage of this folding table is, you can put books and other stuffs like table lamp, coffee mugs on the shelf without disturbing your work while using the table. 

Strong and Sturdy Design

Design is strong sturdy. With the proven technology we are testing each and every product from the customer prospective

Water and Heat Proof thick Laminate

1.2mm Thick laminate hence no worries if you keep hot and wet items directly on the table

Floor Protectors

Heavy duty floor protectors protect your floor from scratches

Easy to Fold

Lightweight, easy to fold. Can keep below the bed or at side of the bed as its taking only 4CM space