Trendy Line Upholstered Bed With Storage

Trendy Line Upholstered Bed With Storage


SKU: KR-ULBD-7578BR-FB1001

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Width :  1650mm

Length: 1875mm

Height : 1050mm

Head End Height: 1050mm

Foot End Height: 375mm


Whether in rich white, creamy whites or jet blacks, fabric beds never fail to inject a room with an attractive combination of vitality and glamour. As a strong centre piece in any bedroom, a leather bed makes a great starting point for aspiring designers, fitting in especially well with modern and minimalist decor schemes.

When it comes to the quality of sleep and the style of your bedroom, bed size can make a real difference. Comfort should be your priority. With plenty of space to stretch out, roll around and starfish in total comfort. If you’re buying a young child’s bed, remember they’ll need room to grow.

Care Instructions:

  • Protect from the sun. Ultraviolet light can cause deterioration.
  • Dust off light dirt/particles and wipe with a clean, damp cloth. You may use mild soap but be sure to wipe thoroughly after rinsing the soap water. Allow to dry. Perspiration, grime, body oil, hair cream or gel will damage the leather if not removed often.


Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 1950 × 1875 × 1050 mm